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What we do

Heriot Freight Truck Heriot Freight operates an "on-request" freight service from Tapanui (West Otago) to Invercargill (Southland) and return daily from Monday to Friday. (This service has been operating since 1989.)

We use a 9 ton truck which can carry items of a maximum length of 6.0 metres.

We carry some scheduled items on a daily or weekly basis, but the rest of the truck space is available on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

If it is not possible for us to carry your items on the day that you wish, we will try to carry them on the following day if that suits your wishes. However, we advise you to book your space as soon as possible.

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When we operate

Depart Tapanui 7:45 am to Gore (Tapanui Depot at the Tapanui Dairy, Northumberland St.)
Depart Gore 9:00 am to Invercargill
Depart Invercargill     12:15 pm     to Gore (Invercargill Depot at Fastway Ace Couriers, 39 Bond St.)
Depart Gore  3:00 pm to Tapanui & Heriot     (Gore Depot at Ritchies Coachlines, 10 Dundas St.)

Please note that although we do our best to keep to the above schedule, sometimes it is necessary to leave at an earlier time.
Also, there are times when we end up running later, but do not rely on that happening!

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How to contact us

To book space on our freight service, ring 0274 334 894
For invoice and all other enquiries, ring 03 2042 303 or email admin@heriotfreight.co.nz

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Please note the information regarding the following days:

Our last freight service for 2017 will be on Friday 22 December.
Our first freight service for 2018 will be on Monday 15 January.

Waitangi Day Observance Monday 06 February 2017 No Service.
Otago Anniversary Monday 20 March 2017 Normal Service.
Easter Good Friday 14 April 2017 No Service.
Easter Easter Monday 17 April 2017 No Service.
Southland Anniversary Observance Easter Tuesday 18 April 2017 No Service.
Anzac Day  Tuesday 25 April 2017 No Service.
Queen's Birthday Observance Monday 05 June 2017 No Service.
Labour Day Monday 23 October 2017 No Service.
Christmas / New Year Our last freight service for 2017 will be on Friday 22 December.
Our first freight service for 2018 will be on Monday 15 January.

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